Sloths, known as the slowest animal on earth as they average 0.15 miles per hour, live in trees and use canopy vines to travel, according to World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They have an extremely low metabolic rate that’s why they move at a “sluggish pace.”

Imagine a football field. Sloths could only travel 41 yards per day on average, which means they could only travel on less than half the length of that field! National Geographic reported that scientists believe sloths move slow so predators would not notice them.

There are six species of sloths known in tropical areas of South and Central America. Though not all sloths are endangered animals, many conservation groups still worry about the effects of deforestation, where sloths mainly rely on trees for their shelter and food.

A sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica is currently educating the public on this precious animal and discusses their importance to the environment to raise awareness.

Watch these baby sloths talk and have a conversation!