Students from the St. Joseph High School cross-country team in California would go to an animal shelter daily and invite the shelter dogs to come and accompany them.

Each member of the team was paired with a dog to run with and care of during their runs. The group jogged a couple of miles around the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter.

Got a pretty cool cross country team (& coach!). Taking dogs from the animal shelter on a Morning Jog! If you see a dog you like, go adopt!

Posted by St. Joseph Athletics on Thursday, August 4, 2016

“I am not sure who was more excited and having the most fun… the dogs or the kids,” coach Luis Escobar said in a statement. “Either way, it was a great time and I am sure we will do it again some time soon.” 

This activity is a great way for the shelter dogs to become healthier physically and mentally and it also boosts their social skills. reported that exercise for all animals is a necessity to maintain their optimal physical and mental well-being. This could also prevent obesity among dogs at the shelter and so they could enjoy the physical activities outside.