Saratoga Dog Walkers is a professional dog walking service that started in 2011by Tim Pink in Saratoga, New York.

Pink organized it to help Saratoga’s dogs meet their needs, while their owners are away doing an errand or if they are at work.

According to the group’s website, their program helps the dogs to exercise their natural instincts to travel in pack, especially since it is something that most dogs fail to experience nowadays.

“With every walk, the dogs are receiving exercise, socialization, structure, potty time, and affection. By meeting these needs on a daily basis, we start to see a well behaved, healthy, and well rounded dogs!” Pink said in their website.

Besides having walks with more than 10 dogs on a daily basis, people found it adorable that the dog walking service always take group photos of their packs and post it on their social media platforms, like Instagram.

“By walking together on a regular basis, we’re creating a big family of well-behaved dogs in the local community!” they added on the website post.

Check out their photos here!