Remember the rat that has been helping a wannabe chef from the animated film, ‘Ratatouille’? Well, it might not just be a story written for the movie screen, because a real-life rate has been caught on camera cleaning!

Recently, a video of a mouse tidying up a man’s shed has gone viral.

From the video, the mouse popped out of a box at the workbench of the bench he was living in. He picked up a few screws, nail clippers and a metal chain back to his box, which looked like he was cleaning the place.

According to This is Insider, it is hard to say whether the rat was actually “cleaning” the place.

Rodents sometimes like to hoard things. Pack rats in North America love to collect shiny objects, stones and wood to protect their nests, according to the same report. Others bury the objects they took in their territory, which traces back from rats’ natural digging response and behavior.

Local reports believe the objects around the mouse’s territory might have confused it, so it stashed everything around it to somewhere it thought was safe.