A three-month old albino penguin made its first appearance at a Polish zoo last March 22 at the Gdansk Zoo in Gdansk, Poland.

Zoo staff said it is the only bird of its kind that is currently in captivity. Currently, it does not have a name, because the zoo still do not know if it is a male or a female.

“It is shy and a little bit scared… We didn’t want to put it through a stress of thorough medical examination,” Emilia Salach, marketing head, has told Reuters.

The penguin currently lives with its parents and two of the zoo’s known placid penguins. It had been separated from the rest of the flock for fears that the other birds will reject it, because its appearance is different from the others.

“Every misfit in a flock is more exposed to rejection and harm… We can see already it hasn’t been accepted yet by most of our little penguin family,” Salach added.