James Jimenez, spokesperson of Comission on Elections (Comelec), expressed his dismay over a photo of a dog that has been circulating online, wherein a campaign sticker was placed on the dog’s body on Tuesday.

“Seriously. Isn’t it enough that politicking has already thrashed the country you claim to love, you’ve got to harass dogs too?” Jimenez wrote on his Twitter account. “Leave. Dogs. Alone. #VoterEd.”

When asked by the Manila Bulletin about it, Jimenez claimed there’s no action planned against the candidate.

“No action planned. It seemed to be an isolated case and not part of a broader campaign strategy,” he told the Manila Bulletin.

The person who uploaded the photo said the campaign sticker has already been removed from the dog.

Comelec has been firm and consistent on reminding candidates about the campaign rules since the start of the campaign period and will continue to do so until the last day, which will be on May 11.

Prohibited and illegal forms of election propaganda include those that are placed outside common poster areas, and public or private places without the consent of the owners.