A 37-year old man from Salford, Greater Manchester believes he is a dog since childhood.

Kaz James says he has always felt “weird” around other people and cannot form any connection with them until in his late teens where he was able to have access on the internet and found out about the “human pups.”

(Photo from: Kennedy News and Media)

James found the human pups community to be like him, which allowed his own pup persona to thrive with the help of the online “pup play community.”

“I didn’t ever feel like a human, I always felt like a dog that was really out of place. I never really had a name for it, being a pup wasn’t a thing I knew about. When I met other people like me I felt I could be myself,” James has told Kennedy News and Media.

James currently a store manager, yet he still regularly unleashes his dog personality. He is a “full-time orange, brown and camo K9” who barks at friends, carries things using his mouth and snacks on dog biscuits.

(Photo from: Kennedy News and Media)

“I was known by my friends for [saying] hello to them by grabbing hold of the collar of their shirt in my teeth and biting or licking them, very canine-type behaviors. It was always how I was,” James added.

 James, who is also the co-founder of Kennel Klub, wears “mild” clothes to work, but once work is over, a different James roams the streets.

(Photo from: Kennedy News and Media)

James could be seen wearing a customized outfit (from masks, dog leads, harnesses) that amounts to £400 each, while his fur suit is at £2,000.

“I feel a sense of peace being a human pup. Little things make me feel happy like eating my dinner out of a bowl using a knife and pork,” he said.

James eats like a normal person in restaurants, but he said it still makes him uncomfortable. He eats regular food, too, but he prefers to eat it in his bowl.

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