After a year, Ruby, a one-year old pit bull, was finally adopted from the shelter. Volunteers at the Orange County Animal Services always thought Ruby would be great with a family, because she’s very sweet, smart, and knows a lot of obedience commands.

However, only a few weeks after he was adopted, her owners took her back to the shelter and said she was “too nice.”

(Source: OCAS)

The family explained that they were looking for a guard dog, but Ruby was too friendly and refused to bark.

A woman named Britta visited the shelter and found Ruby’s story shocking, because “why would someone return this sweet girl for being too nice”? Britta posted Ruby’s story and it quickly became viral.

(Source: OCAS)

“Shelter officials say she is housebroken and friendly with men and women. Ruby was spayed Thursday and will be available for adoption Friday,” Orange County Animal Services told WKMG.

Applications started pouring in and Ruby found her new home!