Graphic photos of a shark choking on a turtle have become viral on social media. The photos were originally published by Greg Vella on April 20 in their group of fishers.

Vella wrote in his post that he was out in the Pacific Ocean side, fishing for tuna, when he heard a chatter on the radio of a white shark that has been swimming around with this really big turtle in its mouth.

Shark in Japan looks to have died from choking on a massive turtle. | 📸 Facebook/Greg Vella

“People started to joke about it, so I did not pay it any more attention,” Vella added.

However, Vella said the shark was found dead the next day near their bait receivers as it has been tangled in the netting.

| 📸 Facebook/Greg Vella

“The captains I interviews who saw the mighty shark the day before, said it looked close to death, as it could not dislodge the giant turtle ,” wrote Vella.

The white shark weighed about 4,500 pounds or just over 2,000 kilograms.

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