Well, here we are. Avengers: Endgame finally starts showing today and we cannot be more than excited.

Our favorite heroes may have been turned into dust by Thanos and half of the world’s population obliterated, but the originals are still alive (hopefully until the end of the movie!!!), kicking, and are ready to avenge the fallen!

Take a look at the heroes who are still alive:

1. Steve Rogers/ ARFtain America

| 📸 Andre Falcao

Though he and Iron Man had a falling out in Avengers: Infinity War, ARFtain America is back to protect his team and lead them to another victory, just like the hundred times he did as a super-soldier in the Second World War.

2. Tony Stark/Iron Dog

| 📸 Instagram/@pogithetoy

This smart doggo has money and a metallic suit built to shoot pulses of energy from a sploot. He may have almost died at the hands of Thanos once, but he sure is more than ready to avenge the fallen.

3. Thor/HamsTHOR

| 📸 Target Express

Thor has the abilities to control lightning, because he is the Norse God of Thunder, after all. His hammer Mjolnir was destroyed, but he has a better weapon ready for the Endgame – and no, it’s not a giant carrot!

4. Natasha Romanoff/Black WiDog

| 📸 Pinterest/@imgur

The Russian spy who joined SHIELD, the very secretive government force that is designated to protect humans and earth that is led by Nick Fury. Black WinDog don’t just know how to sit, bark and hi-five, she is a highly trained individual in martial arts!

5. Bruce Banner/ Incredible Pug

| 📸 Costume Works

This pug has some serious anger problems. So don’t think he will just come to you all friendly. Hopefully, Bruce Banner breaks away from being the nerdy scientist and unleash the Incredible Pug within, because the last time we saw this green monster in the Avengers: Infinity War, it did not really go as planned. (Coz’ you know, he failed to power through the green monster, instead, he used Iron Dog’s suit!)

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