Mimi is a tiny bunny that was born with no ears and only has three legs.

Her previous owner was already an elderly and became too sick to care of her. Luckily, 22-year old Rodajia Welch found Mimi along with other bunnies, and adopted them into her home.

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Welch believes lacking some body parts was because Mimi lacked oxygen or did not get enough nutrition during her development stage, unlike the other bunnies in the litter.

Welch saw that Mimi was different from the others so she decided to get creative and planned on designing a set of ears for the lovely bunny. Welch knitted Mimi woolen set of ears.

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“Deciding to make the ears all started with finding her a name – it obviously had to be ear-related,” Welch said. “So, while doing some research, my boyfriend Josh came across Kemonomimi, which is a form of cosplay where the characters have animal ears. It was perfect, because she didn’t have any ears and she could be whatever she wanted to be.”

| Kennedy News and Media

Welch added that she only makes Mimi wears the ears for pictures and assures everyone that she do not tie them in a knot for safety reasons, and so that Mimi could just get it off whenever she wanted to.

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