Police in Brazil were about to raid an alleged drug dealer’s home in Vila Irma Dulce, a neighborhood in northeast Brazil, when a pet parrot spotted them preparing and cawed “Mama, police!” in Portuguese and continued to scream at his owners to watch out, according to a report by The Guardian.

 “He must have been trained for this,” one of the cops told local media afterwards. “As soon as the police got close, he started shouting.”

Unfortunately for the parrot, his warning was not enough to save his drug dealer owners. The police were able to nab an unnamed man and a teenage girl immediately, and seized tons of crack from the home, according to a report by the Washington Post.

The parrot was placed in custody and has kept his mouth shut around the police.

“Lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing,” Alexandre Clark, a veterinarian, has told local media.

The cops gave up from trying to wring out information from the bird, so they turned it over to a nearby zoo.

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