Cats just love some baby heaters! These cats just prove how much they use babies, toddlers, infants and tiny, helpless human beings: free heaters.

  1. “When spooning, meets swooning!” Meet Jeezgus and their family baby having a cute selfie! (Instagram/@jeezgus)

2. “Snuggling up on a cold day.” Keep your voices down! Winston the cat and their little hooman is sleeping! (Instagram/@accordingtowinston)

3. “Bonding time with the littlest human in my house.” Linus the cat is having some quality time with the munchkin! (Instagram/@linus_the_lunatic_cat)

4. “Get someone to look at you the way a cat looks at a docile source of heat.” This is a pic from last year showing Klaus and his little sis, Fern. Klaus took care of the human babies the same way he took care of Oskar when he was a kitten — lots of love and patience. He’s a good guardian. (Instagram/@theklauscat)

5. “I just love my little hooman heater.” Meet corn dog the cat, loving her baby sister. (Instagram/@milliethegirlandcorndog)

6. “#maythecat is 6 months old. The human spawn is 5 months old. I am excited for their upcoming adventures 🙂 .” (Instagram/@theofficialcrazycatlady)

7. “So cute! This is my 3 babies taking a nap. 💙” (Facebook/Catspotting)

8. “Are you kidding me right now? #thesnuggleisreal” (Instagram/@momjortz)

9. “The baby haters can’t get mad about this one because it’s just Lydia sleeping with an alpaca.” (Facebook/Renee Williams)

10. “Double decker cuteness.” (Instagram/@arlotheexotic)

11. “Not even out of the womb yet and already Kiki is vamping on the kid’s body heat. I guess he’s just establishing some ground rules for their relationship ahead of time.” (Instagram/@titoandkiki)

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