Here’s a fact: You can never have too many pictures of your dogs! Eating some treats? Snap! Puppy dog eyes when he sees you eating, too? Snap! Crawls on your lap while watching Netflix? Snap! Fell asleep in the cutest way? Snap! Or, you know, just being the cutest, most adorable dog? Snap!, a site that connects dog owners with dog sitters, did a study on the “obsession” of pet parents on their dogs and how much photos they are willing to take of their dogs.

The research revealed that 65% of dog owners admit they do take more photos of their dogs than their significant others.

They also asked a number of people on who they find harder to leave for a week: their dog or their human counterparts?

The answer?

94% (that’s close to a hundred!) of dog owners consider their dogs part of the family, and 56% of them greet their dogs first when they arrive home, before they say hello to the rest of the family members. (Priorities!)

As Michelle Profis wrote for Women’s Health, “The moral here? If anyone gives you sass about loving your dog too much (is there even such a thing?!), you now know you’re not the only one a folder on your phone with 500 pictures of Daisy.”

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