Pusha gave birth to four healthy kittens back earlier in April at the Miniature Park in Bakhchysarai, on the southern Crimea peninsula, and she proves to be the best mother any kitten could ever have.

Pusha was having a great time as a mother of four and she was taken care of by the park keepers very well.

(Youtube/ Inside Edition)

A few days after her birth, the park keepers found four newborn red squirrels in the park, but their mother squirrel was nowhere to be found.

The baby squirrels needed a mother to survive and grow up healthy, so the park keepers just knew what they needed to do.

(Youtube/ Inside Edition)

They decided to see if the momma cat would accept the squirrels and raise them as her own, along with her other four kittens.

The park keepers were keeping a close watch, just in case things go bad. The squirrels looked afraid of Pusha at first, but after a few more tries, they managed to trust each other and Pusha started nursing the squirrels too with her kittens.

(Youtube/ Inside Edition)

But with too many children, Pusha did not have enough milk left for all eight of them, so the park keepers had to feed them with goat’s milk.

Like her kittens, Pusha also bathes the squirrels and cuddle with them when napping!

“It’s a surprising sight considering cats would usually be predators to squirrels in the wild. But Pusha seems to love all her kids equally,” a reporter said in an Inside Edition video.

Watch them here:

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