A new set of participants across Asia will vie to be Asia’s next pack leader in the third season of Cesar’s Recruit: Asia, which will air on June this year on Subaru Asia’s YouTube channel.

Cesar Millan, dubbed as the “Dog Whisperer,” will have to search among eight participants who came from across Asia: Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, this season 3.

Co-presented by Subaru, Millan will look to improve the programme and continue the pursuit of his global mission to prevent dog abandonment and help owners achieve a better relationship with their animal companions.

“The latest season will feature contestants from diverse backgrounds presented with real-life challenges that most dog owners today face,” Millan said. “With more people in Asia owning dogs than before, it is crucial that we continue to educate people on the importance of animal welfare, and the role of humans play in that.”

More than training dogs

In this season, rather than focusing on the dogs’ behaviors, Millan plans to execute a better learning experience where contestants can develop their skills as a trainer for dogs and humans, alike.

Fresh challenges are in line to test the contestants’ ability to become the next dog behavioral expert. This includes physical fitness, assertiveness, trust, patience, confidence and love.

Animal Scene magazine’s managing editor, Jeffrey Lim (left) with Cesar Millan in Singapore.

“This is why in the show, we’ll be placing a bigger emphasis on the foundational qualities of building a healthy and balanced dog-owner relationship, over the technical aspects of dog training,” Millan added.

But what is Millan looking for as the next Asia’s dog expert?

In an interview in Singapore, Millan revealed he is looking for someone who has the skills and who will be willing train and develop even further.

“It’s like boxers. Manny Pacquiao goes [and] you know, he has energy. [He has] eye contact, a good stand. A boxer must know how to hit before he’s trained by the master,” he said. “This is new. The person I’m looking for is people [who have] skill.”

The next ambassador

Besides gaining the title of being Asia’s next pack leader, the winner will also become Subaru’s ambassador. He or she will tour with Millan in his live shows across Asia.

Millan (left) with Deputy chairman and managing director Glenn Tan of Tan Chong International Limited.

Deputy chairman and managing director Glenn Tan of Tan Chong International Limited said he respects Millan for his talent as a hardworking, driven, positive and inspiring individual. Cesar’s Recruit: Asia’s role and advocacy suit Subaru’s goal as well.

“Subaru is a family-oriented brand closely associated with active lifestyle and the outdoors and Cesar’s Recruit: Asia hits all the right notes for me,” said Tan. “In all the shows we work with, I want to give aspiring talented Asians a chance to push themselves to the limit, believe in themselves and follow their heart, which is what this is all about.”

This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s May issue.