Gabby the cat was just two years old when shelter volunteers brought her and two other cats to the senior’s home for the first time.

“Since Grandma and Grandpa were seniors, the shelter volunteers brought three cats to their house for an interview,” Judy Caponigro told Amy of Love Meow in an interview.

(Judy Caponigro via The Dodo)

Out of the three, Gabby seemed to hit it off pretty well with Grandma and their connection was really there. The other two cats just hid in furniture, so the shelter volunteers had to get them back to the carrier.

Sadly, Grandpa passed away just after they adopted Gabby into their home.

Grandma was an avid reader, and whenever she sits at the sofa, Gabby was right there to be her “book buddy.”

(Judy Caponigro via The Dodo)

“It was a favorite time for her, not only because of her love of books, but because Gabby would be right there next to her snuggling in for the duration. She was a big cuddlier. Whenever and wherever Grandma sat down, Gabby was right there,” Caponigro shared.

She narrated that Gabby would wake Grandma every morning by walking on grandmother’s head, and every night, they would cuddle and snuggle!

They were just perfect for each other until the last days of their lives.

(Judy Caponigro via The Dodo)

Both of their health started to deteriorate, with Grandma failing to eat regularly and Gabby looks to feel the same.

Grandma decided she can no longer see Gabby suffer, so she took her cat to the vet to be put down. She was with her all the way, until Gabby died in her arms.

Grandma returned home sad and distraught, so she decided to sit down and take a nap for a while. But after a few hours, she herself was gone.

“Grandma was always worried what would happen to Gabby if she passed first. I do believe that helping Gabby in her final journey gave Grandma a sense of peace and permission to move on,” Caponigro said.

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