Let’s get real. Roasted sweet potatoes will definitely make your day a-ma-zing! But to get served with roasted sweet potatoes by a Shiba Inu? That’s out-of-this-world amazing!

That’s right! A roasted sweet potato store in Hokkaido, Japan actually has a cute canine manager who has been a very good boy and has never (ever!) stolen any bred that was meant for the customer.

Spot the shiba! (Twitter/@hina_shii_ver2)

If you happen to be at the residential area of Kiyota-ku, Sapporo City, you can meet Ken-kun, the three-year old Shiba Inu and shop manager at the local store.

Pictures and videos of Ken-kun have been shared by a Twitter user who has been amazed and amused by the dog’s hardwork!

“At first, it looks like there is no one, and when someone approached it, the face is put out like that,” the Twitter user said in the post.

Ken-kun pops his little head over the counter to greet customers.

Because Ken-kun doesn’t have any “hands,” just amazing paws, customers have to open a white box at the front of the store and put the money in the hole. With that said, if customers happen to overpay, the cute little doggo won’t be able to provide change, so all those money will be bought for Ken-kun’s biscuit for sure!

Watch the adorable store manager here:

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