In a viral video posted on social media, a young man was caught running down the beach toward a stray dog in an attempt to kick the poor animal “at full force.”

Instead, the man falls and misses the dog, who saw the man running towards him and immediately sidesteps and runs away.

The man may have thought it was all over, but he was not prepared for what happened next.


As soon as the young man gets up, the dog he tried to kick was leading a pack of dogs running after him. The man also ran at full speed, as about five to six dogs were seen chasing after him.


He then fell into the water, as his friends who were watching and taking a video of him laugh hysterically in the said video.

The dogs decided not to pursue the man into the water (or maybe they did), but the video was finished after that.

Watch the full video here:

Hopefully, this is not just a video to make people laugh, but to raise awareness on animal cruelty.  

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