A two-year old black Labrador and Mastiff mix recently became famous in Seattle for riding the bus everyday to go to the park.

Eclipse, the four-legged “favorite” passenger of the D line bus in Seattle, regularly takes her ride and knows exactly where the stop for the park is, which makes everyone love her for it.

Eclipse rides the bus alone every day to go to the park. (kimononews.com)

Her adventure began at a bus stop when her owner, Jeff Young, took too long to finish his cigarette. When their ride came to a halt, Eclipse hopped in, not knowing her owner was not yet done with his smoke, so she went alone. Young says that he went after Eclipse and found her at the park, waiting for him.

Since then, Eclipse manages to go to the park alone, taking solitary trips on the bus almost every single day. She and Young then meet later on at the park.

All bus drivers knows this friendly face now and allows her to ride with them every day. (Screenshot/Youtube)

“She makes everyone happy. I mean, how can you not love this face?” says one passenger. Another local says every bus driver knows Eclipse already.

Passengers surely love riding with this sweet girl. (Screenshot/Youtube)

In King County, dogs are allowed on buses. However, authorities reminds Young and other pet owner that it will be better to accompany their animal companions in public transports and have them on a leash.

Eclipse rides with bus passengers. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Watch Eclipse and her adventure here:

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