An unlikely shoplifter was caught on camera in a bookshop in Brazil, which gained nationwide attention from dog lovers to animal welfare organizations.

It was last year when a stray dog sneaked into the Feevale University bookshop in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. No one noticed the unlikely suspect as he got past the front desk. He went directly to a nearby book rack, where he can be seen “choosing” and grabbing a book in its mouth.

What’s the title of the book, you may ask? Well, it’s not exactly just any book. It was entitled “The Days of Abandonment,” and it seems like the furry animal is sending a message to his previous owners.

However, before he could even browse through the book and read the story, one of the campus students retrieved the book and gave it to the cashier at the front desk.

The cashier was astonished of how it happened, and so they posted the video of it on the bookshop’s Facebook page, which later on became viral.

The video reached a group of local animal rescuers, who stopped by the bookshop and looked for the stray dog. Luckily, the animal was just around the location, so they took him into their care.

The dog was given a bath, vaccinations needed and was adopted into a foster home!

Watch the video here:

Da história “o cachorro que roubava livros” só tem na Infinity, galera! 😂🐶

Posted by Infinity Livraria on Friday, March 16, 2018

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