Marshmallows are just the tasty treat you want to put in your mouth every second of every day. A lot of people love marshmallows that several stores in Japan created a spin in the usual “marshmallow” they sell.

So, what’s better than a sugary soft sweet, you may ask? Cute animal-inspired marshmallows, of course!

Felissimo, a Japan-based company, created tasty marshmallows that look like a Shiba Inu. The confections are all molded by hand. Just like a true Shiba Inu, the marshmallows also differ in color, from snowy white to a black-and-tan. Though each marshmallow is designed differently, each one of them has the same chocolate bean paste inside.

(You can check their website here: Felissimo)

On the other hand, cat lovers could also take a sweet taste of a feline-inspired marshmallow at a café in Japan.

Yawahada, a Japan-based marshmallow shop that is also the creator of CafeCat, sells cat-designed marshmallows that float on coffees and hot chocolate drinks! They also sell their products internationally, but they are still undergoing changes and improvements on their website.

Their paw-some marshmallows are not just cute, but they are also tasty, floats on your drink, and dissolves in your mouth!

(You can check their Facebook page here: Marshmallow shop Yawahada)

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