The ocean is a wonderful place filled with so many wonders and mysteries. Deep within, an array of sea unique creatures are yet to be discovered.

Luckily, two special marine animals were spotted off the coast of the Philippines earlier this month.

“[Here’s a close up of the Blanket Octopus during a blackwater dive with The Three P diving club, Romblon Island, Philippines,” Joseph Elayani, the diver, captioned his video on his YouTube account. “Two female Blanket octopus surprised us and gave us a rare and unforgettable sight.”

Blanket octopuses are sea creatures that have long, thin, and flat body, which is more like the shape of a blanket, thus the name suggests. They are often found gliding through the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

These sea creatures would often stretch their arms out, which create a blanket-like silhouette that is meant to scare or frighten their attackers, according to National Geographic.

Females are typically longer and heavier than their male counterparts. Female octopuses can grow up to six feet long and are 40,000 times heavier than males.

“I think the males are small because they’ve got no real reason to be big,” Tom Tregenza, a biologist, told Wired. “Females have an obvious reason. Females are generally bigger in most animals because if they’re bigger, they can make more eggs or babies, and the more babies or eggs you can make, the more chance you have of getting your genes into the next generation.”

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