At such a young age, Darius Brown has grown to love dogs. At 11, he had set his mind to do his part and help shelter pups get adopted by the most creative way he could think of, putting a bow on them!

After seeing dogs abandoned at homes and displaced to different animal shelters, Brown created his own company ‘Beaux and Paw’ to manufacture bows for dogs.

Brown makes bow ties and he loves wearing them. He has been doing it since he was eight years old and he wanted to do the same thing for the poor animals. Brown said he wanted to do something for the dogs, so he donated boxes of his bow ties to the New York American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

“As soon as I give them a bow tie, boom! Adopted,” Brown said. “I wanted the dogs to be adopted and if they didn’t [get] adopted, they’d get euthanized and that would make me sad.”

Brown’s work has been featured in the New York City Pet Fashion show and it even caught the attention of Barack Obama, who earlier this year, send Brown a letter encouraging him and to never give up.

“Know that I’m rooting for you in all you do, and I wish you the very best,” Obama said in the letter.

You can check Brown’s works here: Bow ties by Darius Brown.

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