Stanley Black was a lonely stray cat before Sue Ainsley and her mother, Vera, adopted him seven years ago. Since then, he had the best times of his life with his fur-mily at their home in Watford.

However, the Ainsley’s noticed Stanley Black’s health was slowly deteriorating. He began to have difficulty in breathing, he did not have the appetite to eat all his favorite treats, and he showed signs of discomfort – which made him to stand like a meerkat.

Concerned for their family member’s health, Sue and Vera took Stanley Black to the vet after he started vomiting blood.

Meet Stanley Black. (Watford Observer)

“He started bleeding from the mouth and it was just awful. I thought he was dying with some kind of horrible tumor burst in his mouth. He must be about 12 years old and we were so worried for him,” Sue told local media.

The veterinarians suggested that a foreign body might have been causing the problems, but Stanley’s health just kept deteriorating badly in the following days. When the vets looked inside Stanley’s mouth, they were shocked to see a wire has been stuck there, which causes heavy bleeding.

“Stanley’s jaw had been wired and the wire was sticking out and lacerating his tongue. I was so surprised as we didn’t realize he had wiring in his jaw. Every time he had been trying to eat it must have been cutting him,” she added.

(Watford Observer)

Michelle Dawson, the senior vet that aided to the family, said Stanley kept pawing at his mouth and was surely in a lot of pain. They removed the blood clots in his mouth and saw the wire was the main cause of his problems.

“His condition improved as soon as we gave him pain relief and removed the wire. It seems like Stanley had been in the wars over the years and has clearly used up some of his nine lives, so we’re all glad to hear he’s now back to his old self and enjoying being pampered by Sue and Vera,” Dawson said.

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