The game of Monopoly has been on the store since 1935. Game designers have even tweaked and reinvented it for countless of times to satisfy customers. Now, cat lovers can surely play a Monopoly-inspired game that is dedicated to all things felines.

Cat-Opoly is an unofficially licensed board game by Late for the Sky. They took on the Monopoly design, but they have more whiskers and fur!

(Picture: Late for the Sky)

Instead of properties and railroads, this game will allow players to buy cat breeds. Instead of going to jail, there’s a water square (cats hate them!) and instead of a luxury tax, you have fleas.

(Picture: Late for the Sky)

This is also not just a board game for fun, but an educational one too. All chance cards come with facts about cats on the back to let you learn more about your favorite animals!

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