Alicia Jessop, a 34-year-old professor at Pepperdine University, decided it was time to visit New England. She knew it would become a memorable day touring the city, but she was did not know that something else would surprise her in the unfamiliar place.

It was a Friday afternoon and she just finished a work conference in Vermont. She thought it would be nice to cap off the day by trying her first ever lobster roll. Jessop wanted to capture a photo of it first, but then instead of the lobster roll, she captured a sneaky seagull trying to steal her food off her hand.

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(Alicia Jessop/@rulingsports via AP)

“I was really embarrassed. You hear stories of people taking crazy Instagram pictures and hurting themselves and I was like, ‘Oh my God, you are now that person. You just wasted $21.50 for a picture,” Jessop said.

She said she bought the lobster roll from Fox’s Lobster House in York, Maine and even walked to the water to take a picture. Just like any other Instagram user, she spent about 20 seconds trying to hold the lobster roll in the perfect position to take a great photo with the Nubble Lighthouse in the background.

“It was the most picturesque place,” Jessop said. “You’re standing on the seashore overlooking the lighthouse. I don’t really take a lot of food pictures, but I knew this needed to be documented.”

And documented it had been. As she took the picture, Jessop felt something rustle her hand and thought she dropped her food – only to realize it was the seagull.

(Alicia Jessop/@rulingsports via AP)

“That’s when I realized the seagull had swooped in and I hadn’t even seen it coming,” she said. “It’s a really smart bird and it all happened so fast.”

She said the seagull had already feasted on her food with its other seagull friends. She walked back to the lobster roll to get another roll, when she burst into laughter when she saw the photo she captured on her phone.

She posted it on Twitter with the caption: “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

“There’s a lot worse things I could be known for, and if that means I get free lobster rolls and bring a little bit of laughter into people’s lives, I think that’s a good thing,” she told AP in an interview.

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