We all have that urgency to watch a really upsetting film thinking that we could actually do it – and maybe we could have – not until the dog dies in the movie. And that is where our weaknesses show just how powerless we are when it comes to a dead man’s bestfriend.

Many people, especially dog lovers, would have avoided watching a film if they know something bad will happen to the main character’s pet. (If only someone could have said something about John Wick’s dog!)

Now, there is a website that will tell you what to expect when it comes to films!

Does the Dog Die is a site that provides “crowdsourced emotional spoilers for movies, TV, books and more,” to give people a hint whether the four-legged character will be hurt or not.

(Check the website here: Does the Dog Die)

They have an extensive database that doesn’t just cover dog deaths. They also have other categories that also cover the deaths of cats, horses, and other animals. Besides that, other topics that people want to see can also be found in the website, like Santa being, well, not real.

The website also warns viewers about whether the movies include domestic violence, eating disorders, sexual assault, drug use, child abuse, miscarriage or abortion, addition, or even hate speech.

What’s also good about this website is they ask their own viewers information through social media, and then the viewer’s feedback help them in updating the site regularly.

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