A veterinary hospital in Boston did not know they were up for a surprise when they admitted a bulldog, whose family said recently stopped eating.

The Angell Animal Medical Center thought it was a usual case, until they found out the reason why the dog did not have an appetite for another meal was because he already ate about 19 baby pacifiers.

The Wellesley family first noticed their three-year old dog, Mortimer, getting nauseous before meals early in April. His owner, Emily Shanahan, brought Mortimer to the vet, who prescribed a medicine to take care of the issue.

In this Friday, June 7, 2019, photo provided by the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center, a Bulldog named “Mortimer” rests while sedated on an operating room table after 19 pacifiers were removed from his stomach at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston. Vets think Mortimer had been taking the pacifiers from his owner’s two children over the course of months. The dog has fully recovered, according to a spokesman. (Rob Halpin/MSPCA-Angell via AP)

However, Mortimer’s health became worse – he stopped eating entirely, worrying his family even more.

When the vets took an x-ray of Mortimer, they were shocked to find the pacifiers in his stomach.

Shanahan had two small children, and vets believe Mortimer had been taking their pacifiers over the course of months.

Luckily, Mortimer did not have to undergo any major surgery. The pacifiers were removed using a medical scope and Mortimer recovered in no time.

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