A Jack Russell terrier is hailed a hero after saving a newborn baby girl, who was left abandoned in the bushes.

Macho, the dog, pulled his owner deep into the undergrowth part of a park in St. Petersburg in Russia.

“I felt my heart pounding when I saw the baby,” the owner told local media outlets. “She was waving her little legs and arms in the air, but she was silent.”

(Image: Vesti Rossiya/east2west news)

According to local media reports, the child was only wrapped in a t-shirt and suffered from hypothermia. Doctors claimed it was too weak to cry and was only minutes away from death, if not for the dog.

“It’s very unlikely she would have been noticed if not for Macho,” a spokesman for the Russian National Guard said. “The smart dog pulled his owner – against his will – towards a deserted area of the park. Deep in the bushes, the man saw a little something wrapped in a T-shirt.”

(Image: Vesti Rossiya/east2west news)

The man quickly picked up the baby and rushed towards a police patrol close in the park. The man and his dog was just at the right time to save her, as they rushed the baby, who weighed just 5lbs, to the nearest hospital.

Five days after the incident, medical staff assured everyone that the child is likely to survive.

“She is a fighter,” a nurse said.

Police are now looking for the child’s mother, who is suspected to leave her daughter in the park.

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