A photo of a dog patiently waiting for his elderly owner get treatment has recently gone viral on social media and had netizens swooning over how adorably loyal he is.

According to a Twitter post by Garda Siochana, an elderly Irish man was out on a walk with his dog Jack through the streets of Portarlington in Australia earlier this week. However, the man accidentally fell into a ditch and failed to recover from there.

Luckily, the man had a very loyal best friend by his side.

Jack the Dog stayed by his side & showed Gardaí where he was. Even when ambulance arrived Jack wouldn’t rest unless he could see him! (Twitter/Garda Info)

When the officers arrived at the scene they were not able to locate where the senior had fallen. Jack rushed onto them and led them over to where his buddy fell.

“Even when ambulance arrived, Jack wouldn’t rest unless he could see him!” wrote the Garda officers in another post.

They said Jack and his owner are now safe at home.

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