A police officer recently made a wheelchair for a disabled stray dog who has been a regular resident of their station in Kalilangan, Bukidnon.

“Tiger” was a stray dog who lost her ability to walk with her hind legs because of a hit-and-run incident. Because of this, she cannot run again and tries to drag her two back legs to go from one place to another.

(Photo: Kalilangan Municipal Police Station)

When Acting Chief of Police of Kalilangan Municipal Police Station Patrick Dela Cruz Castro saw her, he immediately decided to make her a wheelchair.

He improvised a wheelchair on July 2 with only pieces of PVC water pipes, rubber bands and wheels they found from a damaged stroller.

(Photo: Kalilangan Municipal Police Station)

“The improvised wheelchair helps the dog not only physically, but also psychologically, because with the wheelchair, ‘Tiger’ is no incapacitated,” the police station wrote in a Facebook post.

Tiger was given her second chance at running once again.

(Photo: Kalilangan Municipal Police Station)

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