“Bad news: Cheddar is still at large, and you know that slippery little bastard is just laughing at us,” Jake Peralta used to say back in season 3 when they tried to look after Cheddar, while his hooman Capt. Raymond Holt was on a vacation.

However, Cheddar won’t ever be found by the gang this time. Though he might still be laughing at them at the rainbow bridge.

Stewart, the 12-year-old corgi who played Cheddar on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine series, has died on Tuesday.

His owner and trainer, Kimberlee Esler, announced on Instagram about his passing. Stewart spent his last moments frolicking at the California beach and ate In-N-Out burgers.

“We went to the beach (his favorite place) where he frolicked in the surf and then enjoyed a picnic of In & Out burgers. We relaxed in the sun and just enjoyed each other’s company,” the post read. “Our veterinarian met us there later and Stewart went to sleep peacefully in my arms while listening to the sounds of the ocean.”

Stewart was a rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Without him, his sister Stella appears to have taken over the role.

Stewart will always remain in our heart fur-ever. As his hooman said, “he was a one in a million kind of dog, he was my supaah staah.”

Run now Stewart and eat all the kibbles you can at the rainbow bridge!

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