A photo of a sad-looking dog at the shelter trended on social media, whose story surely struck everyone’s hearts.

Ritter is a four-year-old American bulldog who was left at the Hamilton County’s Humane Society shelter last June 25 by his previous owners. The shelter shared a photo of Ritter, who looked really dejected in the corner of his kennel, and gained worldwide attention.

Ritter looking dejected after being dropped off at the shelter. (Alan Wlasuk)

The shelter said Ritter was dropped off at the shelter, because his family got evicted from their home and had to leave. His family also dropped his sibling, 12-year-old Corki, at the shelter over the weekend.

“Ritter’s negative reaction to the shelter was immediate and heartbreaking,” wrote the shelter in their Facebook page. “This is the reality our animals face every day – heartbreak and a sense of hopelessness.”

Alan Wlasuk, a volunteer dog walker and photographer, was the man behind the photo of Ritter which has been shared by netizens thousands of times. He posted that photo with the caption, “An Abandoned Life.”

Thanks to the power of social media, a perfect companion for Ritter was found and adopted him the very next day!

Sophie Marie with Ritter. (Facebook/Humane Society for Hamilton County)

Sophie Marie immediately commented on the Facebook post, “I adopted him! Get to pick him up Thursday and love him forever.”

For Corki, Ritter’s sister, the shelter is still looking for anyone willing to give her a fur-ever home of her own.

Corki, Ritter’s sisiter. (Facebook/Humane Society for Hamilton County)

“We can’t change the past of these animals, but we can change their futures. And we can change the reasons why our shelters are so full and why over a million dogs a year are euthanized,” Wlasuk shared on Facebook.

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