What appeared to look like a white throw pillow or perhaps “a lost toupee” was identified as a very rare albino porcupine and it has been found at the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Tuesday.

The young rodent shocked staff at the museum as they sought help from netizens to identify what kind of animal it was at first. The conclusion led them to believe that it was, in fact, an albino porcupine.

According to a report by the Portland Press Herald, the porcupine looked like a baby still, because its quills were not yet hardened.

The museum failed to contain the animal and a spokesperson told midday on Wednesday that they haven’t seen it again, but they assume it might still be looking just around the area.

Porcupines are known to be part of a common scene in Maine, but albino porcupines weren’t. It is believed that albino porcupines appear one in every 10,000 of the species.

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