Kuli, an orange-and-white one-eyed cat, was rescued from the streets as a kitten. He was tiny and malnourished back then, reportedly only weighing one pound.

Kuli, which means “to look blind,” was adopted by Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton in Honolulu, Hawaii. His left eye had to be removed due to an infection and when he was still recovering, his hoomans bathed him and it appeared like Kuli was a natural with the water.

At six months old, he began to ride the waves of Hawaii.

“His first time in the water, we just let him float on the board by himself near the shoreline and I would paddle around with him,” Gomez told DailyMail. “Before we knew it, we were looking for waves to surf.”

Gomez said they bought a board that Kuli could use to surf. He also wears a life jacket from time to time and when he needs it.

“He still wears it from time to time depending on the conditions – but we are careful not to take him out if it is too windy or the water is too rough,” she added.

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