Through the Siberian forests, where bears and wolves live, a loyal dog desperately tries to make it through with her paws wounded from the long walk – 125 miles to be exact, as she plans to come back to her owner who had rejected her.

Maru is a one-year-old Bullmastiff. Her owner took her to the Trans-Siberian train to take her back to the kennels were she was born, because her owner said she was allergic and did not want to keep her anymore.

(Image: Darya Stulinskaya/The Siberian T)

However, Maru managed to escape the train heading west from Krasnoyarsk to Novosibirsk. Authorities claimed Maru used her paws to open the compartment door and fled when the train stopped at a remote station near Achinsk.

“When the door opened to the platform, she jumped out into the night, into the taiga [swampy Siberian forest],” a train staff said.

Her kennel owner Alla Morozova organized a search party and pleaded anyone for information through social media. Two-and-a-half days later, she was found at an industrial estate, which was close to where the home of her owner who rejected her after just six months, is located.

(Image: Darya Stulinskaya/The Siberian T)

When Maru was found, she looked really exhausted and appeared to be “in tears.” She was also wounded. According to Morozova, Maru walked through the Trans-Siberian railway track, which is known to be the longest line in the world.

“Luckily, neither bears ate her, nor wolves chewed her up. The dog was very tired,” Morozova told The Siberian Times. “She was lame, her paws were broken. The pads on her feet were damaged. Her muzzle was broken.”

According to train staff, Maru was very exhausted that she fell down a railway embankment in Krasnoyarsk before she was spotted and rescued. They also told Morozova that Maru suffered a “panic attack,” because she was very frightened by the train noise, adding that she was away from her home and owners for the first time.

“I’m sure she was looking for her house,” Morozova said. “Dogs are very attached to people. She did not run to Novosibirsk, she wanted to go back to where she lived.”

(Image: Darya Stulinskaya/The Siberian T)

Morozova said she was angry that Maru’s owner did not even help in the search.

Since then, Maru has been reunited with her mother and father at Morozova’s kennels in Novosibirsk and is being treated for injuries.

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