Ronnie Stanley is a National Football League rookie player, best known for being one of the best left tackles in the industry. But besides from giving his heart to the sport, Stanley is also known to be a giver for the less fortunate.

Just last week, Stanley visited an area animal shelter with his girlfriend and also NFL athlete, Alex Lewis. Once he got there, he had one specific request from the staff, he wanted to adopt the dog who has been there for a very long time.

(Photo credit: BARCS)

In a Facebook post, Stanley described “not-so-adoptable” dogs as those who were seen physically imperfect, seniors, or those who are sickly and needed a lot of medical attention.

Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) matched the couple with a dog named Winter. Winter is a six-year-old dog that was rescued from a vacant parking lot. She was dehydrated and looked to be extremely frightened of people. It looked like Winter was used for over breeding, because her belly was already hanging.   

(Photo credit: BARCS)

Thanks to BARCS, Winter is now in good health and Stanley is ready to take her home with him as a new addition to his family.

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