Jon Stewart is known as many things – a writer, producer, director, political commentator, and most notably, a comedian after hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central from 1999 to 2015.

On Monday, he also continues to make a difference after urging United States President Donald Trump to sign H.R. 1327, an act of ensuring victims of the tragic September 11 attack never runs out of compensation fund.

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Besides championing human welfare, he has also been an advocate for animal welfare. He and his wife, Tracey Stewart, have been rescuing and sheltering abused farm animals in their 12-acre farm in New Jersey.

In October of 2016, they bought another farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey and named it the Hockhockson Farm, where they also reach out to other animals in need.

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When the state gave them the go signal to turn the farm into an animal rescue and education center, NJ Advance Media reported that Tracey had tears in her eyes, after all, it was not an easy journey.

“It’s one of those things like where after you give birth, you forget about the pain,” she told NJ Advance Media. “So right now, I’m feeling really good and positive.”

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Stewart family first welcomed piglets Anna and Maybelle, who were rescued from a swine factory when they fell off the cargo loader during their transfer. After them, two goats, a bull, more pigs, and other farm animals were brought in!

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Ever since Jon retired from The Daily Show, the sanctuary kept him busy. Though their farm has been running for years now, it is still not open for public.

You may check them out here: The Daily Squeal

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