It may not be like that of a 101 Dalmatians movie, but a mother Dalmatian in Albury Australia had successfully delivered 19 adorable puppies, all the while breaking the world record.

Metro first published the story and reported that breeder Melissa O’Brien said her dog, Melody, gained about 15 kilograms during her pregnancy, which meant it was going to be a big litter of pups. But, she never thought it was going to be the world’s biggest single Dalmatian litter!

Melody the Dalmatian gave birth to 19 puppies, breaking the world record of 18. (Screenshot/9 News)

O’Brien said she had Dalmatians as her animal companions for the last 13 years, and it was not until 10 years ago that she actually started breeding them. Since then, she revealed that all of her Dalmatians had been named after Disney characters.

During an interview with ABC Gouldburn Murray, O’Brien revealed that it was like a never ending supply of Dalmatians when Melody was taken to the veterinarian. About eight people helped in delivering the puppies as Melody was c-sectioned.

All of the 19 puppies were born white, as Dalmatian pups develop their spots growing older. It usually takes three to four weeks after birth to appear. From the 19 pups, ten were males and nine were females.

They broke the world record of Australian breeder Cecilia Langton-Bunker, whose dog, Miley, gave birth to 18 in Ballarat, Victoria.

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