With a five-pound weight tied around its neck serving as an anchor, the pet rabbit was surely meant to die in a New Hampshire river. Luckily, two men saw her near the bridge and rescued her just in time.

Mike Lothrop and Michael Eaton were kayaking in the Lamprey River on Sunday when they saw a two-year old female rabbit clinging onto dear life near a bridge, according to a report by the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Lothrop said the rope attached to the rabbit’s neck was just long enough for it to keep its head above the water. He immediately used a pocket knife to remove the rope and rescue the rabbit into their boat.

“What really kind of bothered me the most is that with abuse of an animal like that, there’s oftentimes some deeper things going on,” Lothrop said about the perpetrator.

The Good Samaritans handed the poor rabbit over to the Raymond Police Department, who then took it over to the Candray Pet Care Center, where it is currently being treated for water aspiration.

Lt. Chad Shevlin said they have received information about the family who owned the rabbit. They will not return the animal to the family, as the juvenile who did it will be charged with animal cruelty.

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