Disturbing pictures of dead chickens, which were “baked to death” inside a poultry farm is released to the public on what is said to be the hottest day ever in the United Kingdom.

Temperature in the UK reached a lethal 102 degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday, which left thousands of chickens dead at Moy Park farm in Newton on Trent, Lincolnshire.

(Photo:The Lincolnite)

According to local reports, farm workers were seen carrying wheelbarrows that had the dead bodies of birds piled on top of each other. The farm was said to be in charge of supplying chicken meat to giant supermarkets in the country.

“We tried to do everything but there was nothing more we could do. The freak weather has done this to them. Please don’t turn this into anything bad,” one worker said. “It has been really tough carting these animals out of the farm over the past couple of days. Animal activists don’t think we care about them, but we really do.”

This follows after animal rights activist Mike Bushy called how much the hens must have suffered during the heat wave.

“We are working closely with our farming partners to monitor the situation and have implemented procedures to help protect our birds against the extreme heat,” another spokesperson told The Independent in an interview.

Analysts claim the recorded temperature has beaten Britain’s heat record.

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