A man was relaxing at his home in Etah, the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India, and sipping some alcoholic beverage when a snake slithered inside and bit him. Raj Kumar did not hold back and bit the snake back.

“A snake bit him. So, in turn, he bit it and chewed it into pieces,” Kumar’s father, Babu Ram, said according to The Independent.

Kumar’s family immediately brought him to the hospital, where the doctors said his condition is already critical. His family then showed the doctor pieces of the snake and told him what happened.

“This is definitely weird,” said NP Singh, Kumar’s doctor. “I’ve seen people coming in with snakebites, but never somebody who bit a snake and brought it with him in a bag.”

It has been reported that a rat snake bit Kumar, which is not usually venomous. Doctors said Kumar had been moved to another hospital to seek treatment.

Last month, another Indian man had reportedly bitten a snake back too, after it bit him in the Gujarat state. Unfortunately, the 60-year-old died right after he bit the snake.

In 2017, India Today also reported a man bit his wife after a snake bit him, so that they could die together.

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