A German shepherd had been dumped at an animal shelter in Dallas, Texas, because his owners were expecting a baby.

Three-year-old Rocco was underweight and shook in fear after being left by his owners at the city’s Animal Services and Adoption Center. However, an organization that specializes in rescuing such breed intervened and knew that Rocco should be transferred to them.

(Picture: roccostar_gsd/Instagram)

“The shelter is certainly not the environment for a dog like Rocco. He was very timid and scared to get into the car. He even hid beneath the seat in the car. He was pacing a bit and seemed very stressed,” Preethi Pillaipakkam from the organization told The Dodo in an interview.

(Picture: roccostar_gsd/Instagram)

She added that the sudden change in his environment led to Rocco’s stress. After a few days of being rescued, he already made a friend with another German shepherd named Katja.

“He slowly started exploring the house. He loves the couches and his doggy beds, and he really likes squeaky toys and tennis balls. He is a really good fetcher,” she said.

(Picture: roccostar_gsd/Instagram)

There have been a number of applications to adopt hum, but Pillaipakkam said they would like to give Rocco more time at their home to make him feel more secure.

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