On the streets of Liuzhou, in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, a pet dog can be seen being dragged on a leash by people who have been driving a tiny electric red car.

According to a report by Daily Mail, CCTV footage showed the male passenger was holding the leash of the dog, who tried really hard to keep up with the car that was traveling about 5 miles an hour.

(Source: China News)

Around 7:50pm, the dog can be seen walking near the Guangxi University of Science and Technology when it tripped on its way across the intersection. The car stopped in the midst of an oncoming traffic and had to wait a couple of minutes as people went around the car on the busy road.

Police say the dog was dragged for at least 20 minutes. Liuzhou Traffic Police released a statement last Friday, and reported that the driver told them there was no space for the dog inside their Baojun E100 car, which is why they decided to “walk” the dog back home.

(Source: China News)

However, many people found the act as a form of animal abuse and said it was even a dangerous road hazard for commuters.

The driver said the dog belonged to a friend and said it was unhurt. However, she was still given two demerit points and was fined 100 yuan ($15) for the incident.

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