Sharon Curry was visiting her daughter Emma Morrison when their Golden Labrador got too excited and launched himself onto Curry, accidentally yanking her blonde hair aggressively.

Duane Cooper, Curry’s son, was also visiting Morrison and he caught the incident on camera. It can be seen in the video that two-year-old Oscar leaped excitedly to the grandmother, but it was too much that he actually locked his jaws to Curry’s hair.

“He’s pulling my hair out!” Curry can be heard shouting. Meanwhile, another family pet, 11-year-old Jack Russel Basher, tried to pull Oscar off of her.

“I felt like I was going to get scalped. He’d already chewed my sandals, eaten a hairbrush and then this happened. Duane caught Oscar in the nick of time,” Curry said.

Though she claimed to be hurt from the incident, Curry said she is not mad at Oscar. He is often that cheeky and too excited, they said.

“He’s not vicious in the slightest, he’s just cheeky and likes to show off sometimes,” Curry said. “I panicked and screamed a bit – his tail was going so I know he was only playing but I’m not giving him the opportunity to do it again.”

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