Irma, an adorable corgi, was pregnant with a litter of seven puppies, which is known to be an average litter size for her breed.

When she went into labor at their home, her owner Johanna found something was amiss so she immediately rushed Irma to a nearby vet clinic. The veterinarian concluded that Irma had to undergo an emergency cesarean section.

As much as the doctor tried to save the puppies, all of them died. This tragic event left Irma nothing but devastated.

(Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition)

Johanna tried to cheer the corgi up, but nothing seemed to work. She thought about trying something else: surrogacy.

Depressed about losing her pups, Irma found solace in a two-week-old kitten that her owner took home. The feline had the same color coat as Irma’s, which made her like the corgi’s adorable kid!

(Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition)

At first, Irma was reluctant to get closer to the kitten, but they began to bond and are now inseparable.

Watch them here:

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