City Veterinary Office (VSO) gave free anti-rabies vaccine to around 25,000 pets from 21 barangays in Makati City from January 1 to June 30, 2019. VSO also rescued 1,000 stray animals, too.

913 pets were implanted with microchips, which increased a total of micro-chipped pets to 5,909 since the city’s project launched in October 2017.

VSO head Dr. Ma. Katherina Mangahas said they had vaccinated 23,720 pets from 21 barangays in Makati and even provided free spay and neuter to 147 pets under the city’s Animal Health Program.

Makati mayor Abigail “Abby” Binay urged residents to be responsible pet owners. The city would also offer free pet immunization and microchip by VSO personnel on scheduled dates.


“We ask Makati residents to cooperate with our VSO teams conducting house-to-house visits to give free anti-rabies shots and microchip household pets. Rabies is deadly, and it is up to you to protect your families and communities against it,” she said.

Makati city was the first local government unit that implemented a citywide pet micro-chipping in October 2017.

“When the code is entered into the database, it reveals the owner’s name as well as the pet’s vaccination records. Aside from facilitating the identification of pets and their owners, the program helps owners and bite victims avoid spending for redundant or unnecessary rabies vaccination,” they said.

Aside from these projects, Mangahas added that her office will conduct a Rabies Awareness Campaign in all public schools in the city this month.

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