Chesty XV started out as a mascot for the Marine Corps, but the pedigree English bulldog proved himself ready to take on a Marine leadership role.

With his barks and wiggles, Chesty XV was promoted from a private first class to the rank of lance corporal during a ceremony at the Marine Barracks Washington earlier this month.

“One of the most well-known lance corporals out there, and this is the behavior we get,” Col. Donald J. Tomich, commanding officer of the Marine Barracks Washington, D.C., said during the ceremony remarks.

(Andrea Scott/Staff)

The famous one-year-old lance corporal was born January 4, 2018 and enlisted in the Marine Corps by March 19, 2018. Chesty Xv finished his training in July 2018 and became the official mascot on August 25, 2018.

Though such a good boy, Gunnery Sgt. John Jackson claimed Chesty XV has had a few hiccups during his first months.

(Andrea Scott/Staff)

During a Friday night parade and the spotlight was turned on, Chesty rolled over and did not want to walk. The marines also had a great time with Chesty, who happens to loves gloves. Staff Sgt. Alexander Spence, who is responsible for Chesty during parades, told Marine Corps Times that when you drop a glove, it’s Chesty’s already.

“He’s just like any other Marine here at Marine Barracks Washington,” Spence said.

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