Are you one of those people who have wanted to pet that ball of fluff but you just can’t because of an allergy? Worry no more, because a new vaccine that will significantly reduce symptoms of allergies is currently in development.

Allergies are said to be one of the leading reasons why cats are abandoned worldwide. This new vaccine would not just help lessen the animals abandoned, but it will also be perfect for stray cats to find their forever homes.

“Of the 3.4 million cats abandoned annually to US cat shelters, approximately 1.4 million of these animals are euthanized,” according to a report by HypoPet, the Swiss company behind the potential vaccine.

HypoPet explains that they will be vaccinating the cats to produce higher levels of antibodies needed to reduce their allergic impact on humans. According to their study, the kitty-allergy culprit is “secreted into saliva and tears and found on the pelt,” which impacts about 85% of people.

Aside from limiting allergy symptoms, they said the vaccine would also reduce the risk of childhood asthma for kittens who live with kids.

Dr. Gary Jennings, CEO of HypOPet AG, said that the vaccine will hopefully be up for grabs on the US market soon.   

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